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Frontiers in Design Representation Summer School

2024 Frontiers in Design Representation Summer School at the University of Maryland, College Park — June 10-14th, 2024

Past FinDeR Summer Schools

This page provides some information on past FinDeR Summer Schools, as well as student testimonials so that you know what to expect.

Student Testimonials

Here are a list of past student comments or testimonials about the Summer School:

“This was a terrific experience that introduced me to cutting-edge computational techniques for tackling engineering design problems. The Summer School was well-structured, efficiently run, and allowed the opportunity to learn from the best in the field. Would recommend this to anyone interested in employing these techniques in their work, even (and especially) those with literal background in the area.”

“The FinDeR Summer School equipped me with more advanced knowledge in machine learning topics. The pace served to go deep into the topics. The instructors were very patient with students and empowered them to try different approaches to solve challenge problems. Spending a considerable amount of time with instructors beyond the typical classroom time frame was extremely helpful for me to ask as many questions as needed and help crystalize my understanding of the topics discussed.”

“The summer school has been a wonderful week. It is great to learn all the mathematical theories and generative models, and nice to meet friends in the engineering design field around the world.”

“The summer school was an excellent experience. It gave me a great opportunity to meet fellow students and make new friends, and also offered a fresh perspective on many interesting topics useful to my research. I think that I can directly use some of the discussed concepts in my research. It was amazing that even though the level of experience varied quite a bit among the students, everyone could learn new things and take away valuable findings.”

“I had a great time. Most important takeaway for me was meeting with other students from various institutions and learning from them. I was also exposed to new techniques that previously I had no idea about. All of the speakers were inspiring and introduced valuable resources for us to turn to for our own research. Please take me again next year :-)”

“The FinDeR Summer School experience was a blast! I really enjoyed meeting and working with other graduate students, really from all over the world, in my field of design. The speakers were top notch and made concepts understandable.”

“I think the Summer School was an amazing experience. In addition to everything I learned about research and design, I really valued the chance to watch how other students and researchers approach complex problems. FinDeR was an opportunity for me to think more abstractly about design problems and how we represent them in our work. It was also a meaningful networking experience where I made a lot of friends and met other researchers who are interested in some of the same design spaces as I am in.”

“Attending the Frontiers in Design Summer School was an incredible experience. With a diverse group of around 30 students from different universities, different majors, and different experience levels, I had the opportunity to learn from the best researchers in the world, engage in challenging problem-solving exercises and build lasting connections. The program focused on applying AI and computer science algorithms, such as large language models and satisfiability modulo theory, to real-world engineering design problems. Collaborating with my peers, I witnessed the power of teamwork and the fusion of different perspectives in finding innovative solutions. The faculty and guest speakers were exceptional, providing insightful lectures and hands-on workshops that nurtured our growth as researchers. Especially, Dr. Fuge’s guidance and mentorship were invaluable throughout the program. Beyond the academic aspect, the summer school emphasized socialization and exploration. We had the chance to unwind and bond during social events and organized outings near the campus as well as in the DC area, creating a strong sense of community and lifelong friendships. Since I had very limited background in programming, the summer school provided a transformative experience. It expanded my understanding and invigorated passion for the use of AI and computer science algorithms in engineering design, equipping me with valuable skills for the future. I highly recommend this program to any student interested in exploring the intersection of AI, computer science, and engineering design.”

“The FinDeR summer school is easily one of the best experiences I have ever participated in. If making long-lasting relationships with like-minded individuals, solving complex challenge problems, learning from world-renowned experts, and exploring the DC/Maryland area sounds like fun, that is because it is!! You do not want to miss your chance to attend this unique and exhilarating experience! 12/10 recommend!”

2022 Summer School

The 2022 Summer School covered the topic of Optimal Transport, Information Geometry, and Generative Models for Data-Driven Design, and below you can find some selected photos from the event.

A group photo with the 2022 FinDeR participants: Group Photo

Game night at Board and Brew: Game Night

FinDeR Reunion at IDETC 2022 in St. Louis: IDETC 2022 Reunion

2023 Summer School

The 2023 Summer School covered the topic of Designs as Programs – Induction, Analysis, and Generation, and below you can find some selected photos from the event.

A group photo with the 2023 FinDeR participants: Group Photo

FinDeR Reunion at IDETC 2023 in St. Louis: IDETC 2022 Reunion